The Boma founding team has over 50 years’ experience creating massive global communities, world class events and conferences, industry leading corporate training, and cutting edge futurist curriculum -- all with a focus on positive impact.


Lara Stein

Boma Global

Founder, TEDx

Global Expansion Strategist, Singularity University


Kaila Colbin

Boma New Zealand

Curator, TEDxChristchurch
Curator, TEDxScottBase

Curator, SingularityU New Zealand Summit; Curator, SingularityU Australia Summit; Co-founder, Ministry of Awesome


Michel Lévy-Provencal

Boma France

Curator, TEDxParis
Co-founder, Brightness

Co-founder, Joshfire; Co-founder, Rue89; Founder, L'Échappée Volée


Stephan Balzer

Boma Germany

Curator, TEDxBerlin
Founder, red onion

Curator, SingularityU Germany Summit; Curator, Qberlin Conference


Support Team


Eskild Hansen

Head of Brand Experience

Founder, Eskild Hansen Design Studios


Jeffrey Frank

Strategic Advisor

Founder and CEO, Panel Point Global