A positive future requires intelligent and intentional action today.

Boma is a global network of local partners.

We deliver transformational experiences that make positive change actionable and accessible. Our international summits, executive programs, corporate trainings, and community events are all geared toward generating impact and helping people and organizations create a more sustainable future.

Transformative Events

Understand. Adapt. Thrive.

We work with international experts in science, technology, ethics, and the arts to guide interactive workshops focused on our shared future. These impact-focused gatherings ensure that participants leave prepared for what they’re going to do next.

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Boma Institute

Custom experiences for organizations.

The Boma Institute helps organizations shape the future through smart, ethical leadership. We craft provocative learning experiences that combine what you need to know with who you need to be to take clear, specific action.

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Community Initiatives

Join our tribe and drive local impact.

We belive real change happens in communities — from the bottom up. They are the heart, soul, and engine of Boma. Join us by jumpstarting Boma where you live.

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    The Future of Biotech, Boma France Club

    Scientists are using the biological systems found in living organisms — and even living organisms themselves — to make new technological advancements. This is leading to radical transformations in medicine, agriculture, and a host of other sectors. Our Boma France team held an exclusive club event that brought researchers, industry leaders, and community members together to discuss these shifts and what individuals and organizations must do to mitigate harm and foster positive change.

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