Salim Ismail | Boma France Campfire | Sep 24, 2019

The Future Belongs to Exponential Organizations

Ismail is the author of Exponential Organizations, a book that dives deeper into the topic discussed in this video. In short, an exponential organization is an organization whose impact is disproportionally large – at least 10 x larger – compared to its peers. The cause? New organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies. In this book, he outlines how any company, from a startup to a multi-national, can become an exponential organization, streamline its performance, and grow to the next level.

In his talk "Death of Corporations," he discusses why corporations need to think in new ways and what these new ways of thinking are.

You can also attend a summit on exponential organizations to connect with other individuals who are invested in how businesses and technologies are changing and how to adapt. OpenExO hosts a number of these events around the globe each year.

In order to begin this journey of maximizing opportunities that exponential technology presents, we first have to understand what kind of future we want to build. Then, and only then, we can start considering what changes need to be made in order to make an exponential organization. Remember: changes made in ignorance often end up causing dramatic harm to individuals and the world at large. So take a moment to pick a technology that is relevant to you and your organization. Then spend five minutes answering these questions.

Who benefits from this technology and how (think of organizations besides your own)? Who is potentially harmed by this technology? Who owns it and what are their ethos? Who sets the standards and who should set the standards as it is deployed in your area? What would become of social divides if it were not available equitably? What are the possible future scenarios if we adopt it? What are the possible future scenarios if we don't adopt it?

Salim Ismail is a man who is passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and technology. He is a technology strategist, software engineer, and entrepreneur. He knows that our traditional systems and technologies are changing, and he knows what it will take for organizations to keep up.

The former Vice President of Yahoo, Ismail is currently the Executive Director and Ambassador at Singularity University, which was initially established at NASA and is aimed at teaching a new generation of leaders how to adapt and manage in light of exponential technologies and exponential growth. He is also the Chairman at OpenExO, a global transformation ecosystem with more than 1,900 coaches and consultants who help organizations unlock abundance to change the world.

Here, he discusses disruptive technologies, their impact on industries and society, and how companies can leverage technology and novel strategies to grow ten times faster than their peers.


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