Oct 01, 2019

Make An Impact With Your Morning Coffee

The Rainforest Alliance works with communities and other partners to provide training, technical assistance, and market access for those who create coffee sustainably. As a result of their efforts, local communities have started being more mindful of the environment. Consider supporting their work and, through this, the communities that they work with. You should also commit yourself to the organization's 30-day sustainability challenge, which you can sign up for here. Also, look for Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees when you shop.

Want to go even farther, pledge yourself to Conservation International's sustainable coffee commitment.

Coffee is far more than just an enjoyable drink. For millions of people around the world it is their primary, and sometimes only, source of income. In fact, some 100 million people rely on coffee production for their livelihoods. In recent years, climate change has threatened the future of the coffee industry. Since 2012, some farms have seen a 50 to 80% drop in production. But you can help reverse the negative trend and, in so doing, support individuals across the globe. The answer? Buy sustainably.


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