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The full Boma ECU Pitch event held on Feb. 5 in Vancouver. | Dec 28, 2020

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A Look Back at Boma ECU Pitch

What have we learned from the first-ever Boma University Pitch?

Boma ECU is an example of how young people are a significant force in enacting change. Echoing Moderator, Kookai Chaimahawong:

All the projects here come from passion. We're seeing how students’ passions can translate into impact.

Boma ECU has shown us how strong a role art and design can play in different economies, something broadly overlooked. Host, Scott Mallory states:

We’re seeing a new art-historical context - how modern arts can integrate with policy, industry, community, and society in this era.

Lastly, Boma ECU has shown us how educational institutions can stimulate sustainability, scalability, and impact on campus, by cultivating student creativity through cross-disciplinary projects. Scott Mallory states:

The convergence of expertise and passion from different stakeholder groups can spark the launch of important innovations in a variety of disciplines, including some disciplines not commonly heard of (i.e. industrial design, communication design, social media-driven filmmaking, meta-design).

Interested in launching a Boma Pitch at your university?

  • Boma Pitch is a community or university event, made in collaboration with university departments, research labs, accelerators, etc., to support the innovations, initiatives and ideas of students and startups.
  • In a pitch event format, expert speakers and panelists set global context for local issues across stakeholders, and pitch candidates present game-changing projects to be considered for funding and other sources of support.
  • The candidates are chosen to pitch solutions around key issues that are relevant to their campus, local community or region.

Examples of Boma Pitch themes include:

  • Climate change, social or economic inequality, the future of health-tech, the future of privacy, etc.

Possible outcomes for finalists:

  • Winners may get to present at local or international Boma Summits.
  • Ideas and products move out of the lab and are connected with businesses, funding and support to make their ideas a reality and solve pressing global challenges.
  • Their ideas are further amplified globally by Boma events and the Boma network.

To get started, read our Boma Circle Guidelines, the Boma Pitch Toolkit, and fill out an application form.

This past February, Boma ECU launched a climate action pitch competition in collaboration with Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Boma ECU Pitch was Boma's inaugural university event, launched by founder of Boma ECU and faculty member of Emily Carr University, Scott Mallory. The pitch competition featured several transdisciplinary projects by students and alumni that address one of the biggest challenges of our time, climate change.

The event opened with a four-person panel discussion on sustainable innovation, moderated by leaders in social impact, environmental science and design. The salon-style panel centred around Mara Mennicken's social enterprise, The GOOD Chocolatier. Four student-led pitch presentations followed the panel discussion. Three panelists (featured to address three themes: design, community, business) were selected to speak on each individual student pitch. You can find the videos to the individual pitches below:

The winner of the competition was Moni El Batrik, who pitched the "Om" project, a gravity-based nanotech ceramic filter that turns rain water into potable drinking water and can serve as personal decorative pieces or large scale public art. Moni has since designed interior lighting that extends the life of plastics (showcased at IDS consumer/trade show) and got Designer of the Year for Western Living Magazine.    

The goal of Boma ECU is to highlight actionable human-centered design and innovation in the student community and research centres at the intersection of technology, ethics, science, wellness and art. Gathering like-minded creatives, thought leaders and change-makers in a pitch format, candidates access global exposure, collaborative networks, and strategic and financial support to create and scale their solutions.

Interested in starting a Boma Pitch in your community? Click 'Take Action' above to learn more.


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