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Lara Stein | Momentum Property Education | Feb 11, 2021

Momentum Investing Interviewed Boma CEO, Lara Stein, on How to Raise Money From Family Offices

Lara Stein Discusses the Hurdles Facing Women Fundraisers

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Did you know that companies run by women received only 2.7% of all venture capital funding in the US in 2019? What's even more unsettling, is the fact that this figure represents a record high.

Despite the disproportionate amount of funding being funnelled to male-founders, women-founded startups have been shown to deliver higher returns, "generating 10% more in cumulative revenue over a five-year period", according to a recent BCG study. Considering women represent over 40 percent of all entrepreneurs in the US, and the fact that diverse teams have been shown to be more innovative, Morgan Stanley estimates that "investors are missing out on businesses worth $4 trillion in revenue annually by not investing in more female- and minority-led enterprises".

More capital needs to be in the hands of women entrepreneurs and founders, not only because of the significant ROI that can be gained by investing in diverse and women-led companies, but also because of the headway that can be made in achieving the triple-bottom-line. Women-led companies have been shown to be more likely to prioritize corporate environmental and social responsibility, an important leadership consideration, considering the increasing trend of socially conscious consumers.

CEO of Boma Global, Lara Stein, discusses her experience raising capital from Family Offices, the challenges of raising money during a pandemic, and the plight of female fundraisers, in the most recent episode of Momentum Investing Podcast. Momentum Investing teaches its listeners what it means to be a Momentum Investor, and how to build valuable assets over time that give you the freedom of time and money to pursue your dreams.


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