Coming full circle.

The Boma founding team has more than five decades of experience creating massive global communities,
world-class events and conferences, industry-leading corporate training, and cutting edge curriculum. 

The Chairman and Founder of Boma Global, Lara Stein, created the TEDx program at TED, and grew it into a global movement with more than 15,000 events and more than 1 billion video views.

Through her work with TEDx, Lara learned the innovation power of local communities, and how to harness this power. She also learned how to build a massive volunteer network and how to sustain it long term.

After leaving TED, she joined Silicon Valley's Singularity University, to build a decentralized network of country partners and take them global.

Now, she has joined forces with Kaila Colbin, Michel Levy Provencal, and Stephan Balzer: three of the most established TEDx organizers, two of whom also successfully brought Singularity University to their regions.

All four of the co-founders have an intimate understanding and appreciation of the power of large-scale, decentralized networks.

They have come together to create a new global network of country partners, supporting business leaders, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, young people and changemakers to navigate our rapidly changing world, helping create a better, more sustainable and human centered future for us all.