We Need to Talk Less and Act More

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Pascal Demurger: The 21st Century Business Will Be Political or It Won't Exist

Boma Global | Feb 22, 2020

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Ralph Talmont | Feb 18, 2020

Boma Pitch Competitors ‘Dreamed Up a Future You Would Not Believe’

Hanna Brady | Feb 17, 2020

No, It's Not A Deepfake. Yes, The Language Matters

Kaila Colbin | Feb 17, 2020

Boma Commits to Set Climate Targets in Line with a Net-Zero Future

Boma Global | Feb 13, 2020

Empathy: the Magic Potion

Ralph Talmont | Feb 12, 2020

Bringing a Thai Philosophy to Boma Momentum

Hanna Brady | Feb 11, 2020

How to Return Greenhouse Gas Levels to the 1950s

Boma Global | Feb 7, 2020

By Boma cofounder Michel Lévy-Provençal

The World in 33 Questions

Between the ages of two and five, a child asks an average of 40,000 questions. That curiosity wanes as we age, and we lose the habit of questioning our world. But if we hope to create a future we actually want to inhabit, we'll need to start asking some tough questions.

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