Boma is a global network of country partners who are focused on bringing transformational learning experiences to their local industries, communities, governments, universities and ecosystems, to help their countries to better adapt to and thrive in the rapidly changing world around us.

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To find out more about becoming a country partner for your local region, send a query. For all other queries, connect with us on our contact page.

Boma France

Founded by Michel Lévy-Provençal and Nawal Hamitouche, Boma France's team has honed their skills on events such as TEDxParis and L'Échappée Volée.  

Boma Germany

Founded by Stephan Balzer, Boma Germany's team has previously paved the way for TEDxBerlin, Singularity University Germany, and Qberlin Conference. 

Boma New Zealand

Founded by Kaila Colbin, Boma New Zealand's team has brought a wealth of past events to their region, such as TEDxChristchurch, TEDxScottBase, SingularityU New Zealand Summit, and SingularityU Australia Summit.