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Our Programs

Transformational Executives Program

A transformational and immersive three-day program designed to help you understand the many vectors of disruption. Experience innovative, unique and applicable tools, models, and frameworks created to help you lead your team and organization confidently, through any kind of change.

Transformative Directors Program

The Transformational Directors™ program is a challenging and immersive 2-day program, designed for future-focused directors to help you govern effectively in a rapidly changing world.

Inspirational Communicators Program

Boma’s Inspirational Communicators program provides you with the skills you need to communicate with clarity and impact. Delivered in small groups, or in a custom-tailored one-on-one session, we improve your confidence and enable you to inspire action, by bringing presentations to life and taking storytelling skills to the next level.

Future Mindset Deep Dive

If you’re questioning and worrying about how to shape the future for your organization then this program is for you. The Future Mindset Deep Dive is a two-day program that provides you with the tools you need to understand the many types of change you encounter and how to leverage them. Using innovative and unique scenarios and tools, this program is designed to offer you a “future” view of the world. Once complete you’ll have a foolproof way to support future thinking in your organization, ensure future readiness and create an environment where you can thrive.

Digital Mindset Deep Dive

The Digital Mindset Deep Dive is an escape to “Planet Tech” and provides a deep understanding of technology to the non-tech executive. During this two-day program you get to experience the latest and most current advances in exponential technologies. Then, you explore their relevance for your own organization and how you can apply the principles to your business. Hear from international tech experts, take part in interactive and collaborative exercises that enable you to return to your business with a deep understanding of what technologies are relevant for your business and how to apply them.

Boma Bespoke

At Boma, we always tailor the learning solution we provide to your organization. Afterall, we know that one size doesn't fit all. We also know that sometimes you want something created from the ground up. We can be your partner in envisioning, designing and delivering that solution to overcome your challenges and realize your business goals.

The Boma Approach

What We Do

We empower business leaders around the world to act intelligently in the face of change to create a sustainable and profitable future.

Guiding You Through Complexity

We do this through our provocative learning experiences that combine what you need to know about the world we live in, with who you need to be to make courageous, bold decisions and take clear, specific actions.

The World Continues to Change

Business leaders today are challenged to take advantage of exponential technologies to grow their organizations.

They are tasked with motivating and inspiring their teams to lead in times of uncertainty.

And today, leaders must balance the needs of owners and shareholders, partners and employees, with responsible and ethical business practices to secure the future for all.

Boma’s Business Philosophy

We believe in corporate profit but not at the expense of social or environmental responsibility. We believe that organizations can master the art of being socially and environmentally conscious to drive greater financial benefits to the organization.


The Boma Solutions

The business of Boma Corporate Solutions is to help organizations shape the future through smart, ethical leadership. We transform people and their organizations to have a positive impact on the world we live in. The tools of our trade? Best-in-class leadership solutions!