Your Boma Community is coming soon! We're excited to have you create or join your local Boma, which is comprised of individuals who are passionate about driving local and global change.

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Boma is a community without borders, identifying new ideas, innovations, and systems to drive action and impact. We are coming together to collaborate and design a more intelligent, intentional, and sustainable future.

If you are interested in starting a Boma in your community, school, or university — or if you are interested in joining an existing Boma community — let us know.


The roots of the word "Boma" date back to Africa — the cradle of humankind — and lie in the languages spoken in the African Great Lakes. The Boma was a circular enclosure for the community and elders to gather, normally built out of branches. It was a sacred space for community gatherings and meaningful discussions to be had, a space where decisions were made, and actions were taken.