The Boma founding team has more than five decades of experience creating massive global communities, world-class events and conferences, industry-leading corporate training, and cutting edge curriculum. 

We’re looking to grow our team — please see below for Open Positions.


Editorial manager

We are currently accepting applications for a Boma Editorial Position. This position supports the Boma team, taking direction from the CEO and Head of Global Partnerships, outside partners, and other team members as needed. The job requires one to be flexible and adaptable as projects arise, but it also means you won’t get bored.

Here are some things you could be working on:

  • Writing copy for the Boma website

  • Overseeing the editorial strategy, voice and directions for the Boma Medium Publication

  • Developing copy & editorial strategy for social media properties

  • Creating a newsletter strategy aggregating partners newsletters and stories globally

  • Working strategically with our global brain trust on editorial inputs

  • Assisting with internal branding projects as needed

  • Writing reports, proposals, and other documents

  • Contributing to brainstorms and internal meetings for company narrative and customer voice

  • Thinking strategically to solve marketing problems, and how copy fits into that solution

  • Doing research and contributing to brainstorms with various team members as we work to solve marketing problems and amplify Boma globally

 The ideal candidate will have the following skills:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Compelling writer. A storyteller.

  • Full of ideas. Can turn out content and editorial calendars easily

  • An interest in exponential technologies

  • Thinks globally.

  • Attention to detail and facts.

  • A degree in Journalism or Communications viewed as an asset. 

Why work at Boma?

At Boma, we provide professional development, training, and support:

  •  Ongoing - Boma is a face pace learning environment – a startup in every sense of the word. While it’s important you take direction from other members of the team, you will be the one driving the editorial process.

  • Daily/Weekly - We touch base as a team to catch up on what needs to be done that week, where people need help, and to share any recent editorial direction on a daily/weekly basis.

  • Monthly - You will meet with the CEO monthly one-on-one to touch base on how you’re doing in your role, where you may need more help, or other ways to maximize success. This is not a test - we want to you to learn and grow, and to enjoy yourself in the process.

How to apply?

Please provide your application, resume and writing sample here: