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What can I expect from a Boma Summit?

Boma Summits feature inspiring talks from local and global experts across industries. However, our summits offer far more than just thought-provoking ideas. Our mission is to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. All talks are centered on helping individuals navigate our rapidly-changing world and provide clear and immediate ways to act. Workshops, pitch events, and other action-focused elements ensure that participants leave prepared for what they’re going to do next.

Boma Summits are inclusive and offer discounts and scholarships to youth and community members.

Who should attend?

  • Corporate Executives
  • Government Leaders
  • Individuals from the Non-profit sector
  • Individuals from the Education sector
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Emerging Leaders
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Boma Covid-19 Summit

On Monday, March 23, more than 60 experts from 20 countries joined our global summit on the coronavirus pandemic.

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What’s a Vertical Summit?

Organized around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, Vertical Summits dive deep into global challenges and feature smaller events that are dispersed throughout the year. The smaller, localized gatherings are focused on workshops and specific actions that help achieve the SDGs.

Select focal areas include

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Equality
  • Health

The Boma Grow Summit was an inspirational and horizon-broadening experience which kept me engaged for the entire two days, with a diverse range of speakers and topics being discussed from New Zealand and afar. I left feeling energized to bring some of my ideas to life!


A Boma summit in action.


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