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Coralie Chevallier discusses the future of neuroscience at a recent Boma France Salon in Paris.

Coralie Chevallier discusses the future of neuroscience at a recent Boma France Salon in Paris.

Connecting Thinkers and Doers

What Is a Boma Salon?

  • Purpose — To present audacious ideas and turn them into action
  • Key people — Dreamers, innovators, entrepreneurs, idea generators, foundations, VCs, foundations, corporate partners, technologist, scientist
  • Guest list — 20+ people
  • Setting — Theater in the round, green space, creative conference room
  • Frequency — Ideally hosted ever 2-4 weeks in your community

To turn an innovative idea or solution into a meaningful action plan requires support from both entrepreneurs and community members. Boma Salons are designed to build that support system. We put idea-people and action-people in the same room to discuss big ideas and answer the question: “What are the next steps?”

Bome France recently hosted a Salon that explored how advances in neuroscience might be able to help us overcome our diminishing ability to concentrate, to memorize, and to recognize true facts from false.

“We thought the information age would make us more enlightened, more agile. But instead we’re addicted to our screens like zombies, and our cognitive biases are reinforced by fake news. Yet, now is the most important time that we need to think clearly and make urgent decisions about our future,” said Michel Levy Provençal, the founder of Boma France. “How can neuroscience provide us with solutions? Can it help us rethink the way we are thinking?”

To tackle these questions, Boma gathered a trio of celebrated neuroscientists — Karim Benchenane, Coralie Chevallier and Gregory Borst — who explained how the behavior of neurons at the cellular level can affect social interaction on a global scale. Next, the Salon group evaluated concrete ways to make our brain chemistry work for us instead of against us. Ideas included using dopamine to reinforce learning with pleasure and designing “benevolent neuro” work environments that ease stress and boost creativity.

What Can a Salon Solve for You?

If your community or organization is looking to put bold solutions into action, we will assemble a diverse group of people to collaborate on a vision and execute on a plan. By bringing together the right combination of experts, investors, and local community leaders, a Boma Salon is a powerful opportunity to turn the best ideas we have about our future into practical realities today.

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