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Guests raise a glass before discussing the future of data privacy at a recent Boma Canada Impact Dinner in Toronto.

Guests raise a glass before discussing the future of data privacy at a recent Boma Canada Impact Dinner in Toronto.

Food for Thought — and Action

What Is a Boma Impact Dinner?

  • Purpose — To explore ideas in depth over a healthy meal and discuss an action plan
  • Key people — Dreamers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, community members, political leaders, scientists, and investors
  • Guest list — 15-20 people
  • Setting — Creative, local restaurant or entertainment space serving locally sourced food

When you sit down to a Boma Impact Breakfast or Dinner, you share more than an unforgettable meal with your fellow guests; you share in a meaningful conversation on a singularly important topic that will inspire you to take action toward building a better future. Whether it’s a dinner focused on the increasing commercialization of public lands, or a breakfast concerned with the future of workplace automation, a Boma moderator will ensure that a robust conversation leads to new insights and action plans.

We structure the discussion, as well as the meal itself, to best suit the topic. We also bring experts to the table to help shed light on areas that are highly technical or rapidly evolving. Because all phones are checked at the door and only one person is allowed to speak at a time, everyone on the 15- to 20-person guest list has the luxury to listen, reflect, and formulate the viewpoints they wish to share with the group. The result of such a pointed, well-constructed discussion will help you decide what next steps you need to take.

Last month, Boma Canada organized an Impact Dinner in Toronto that explored the future of data privacy. Before they sat down, each guest was asked to answer the following question by secret ballot: “To solve data privacy issues, our biggest challenge will be finding common ground on a) the technological approach or b) which values to prioritize.” As a sumptuous dinner was being served, the moderator started the conversation by sharing the results.

“That question alone revealed an important division in how we even define the problem of data privacy, an issue that will have a huge impact on our future,” said Dan Jacob, co-founder of Boma Canada. “This sparked an intense discussion where we got to hear so many thoughtful and well-reasoned responses — which helped each of us hone our own viewpoint as the night went on.”

What's on Your Menu?

Breaking bread with people of different viewpoints and discussing ways to build a better future can help you make big decisions about your priorities — and where to focus your talents and energy in the near term. It enables you to sharpen your focus, gather perspectives you hadn’t considered, and road-test some of your own bold ideas.

A Boma Impact Breakfast or Dinner is a highly enlightening and energizing way to expand your horizons — and help build understanding and cohesion among people of diverse backgrounds and points of view within your community or organization.

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