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Diana Hatz (lower left) hosts a Momentum viewing party in NYC.

Diana Hatz (lower left) hosts a Momentum viewing party in NYC.

Boma Momentum Viewing Parties Around the Globe

STEM Experts and Food Security Activists Host Boma Momentum Viewing Parties

People around the world will be joining us for Boma Momentum through viewing parties. These parties — large and small — will livestream the event on January 27th at 7pm (UTC+1). To showcase our global community, we'll be highlighting a few of these events here on the site.

New York, New York, USA

In New York City, Change Food and its founder Diane Hatz will host a small viewing party for Boma Momentum a deliberately intimate affair. Of the size of the event, Hatz says: “I'm more interested in a small number of change makers to start with, micro-influencers who will take action, as opposed to a room full of people who just talk.”

Change Food “works toward a healthier food system for people, animals & the planet” and their main program, Plant Eat Share “is building a global movement of communities planting and sharing healthy food for free.”

In its early phases, Plant Eat Share is collecting a database of projects that provide healthy foods to their community and neighbors for free. So far Hatz says she’s been pleasantly surprised by the efforts she’s found already underway: 

“For example, in Kentish Town, an area in North London, a local group called Transition Kentish Town planted a cottage garden on a platform at the train station.  The flowers and food plants attract bees and butterflies, and commuters are encouraged to take any ripe produce and to water the plants with any leftover water they might have from their journey.  Forget Platform 9 3/4 Platform 1 in Kentish Town is where it's at!”

Of participating in Momentum, Hatz says: “I'm a bottom up action taker and change maker, and I believe Boma will become a global collaborative movement of real change.  So it only makes sense to work with and promote Boma Momentum and Boma Global.”

Our thanks to Diane Hatz and Change Food for hosting this event!

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

An select group of impact leaders will be joining Mr. Anyanwu Joseph in Port Harcourt to livestream Boma Momentum. Mr. Anyanwu Joseph is a certified IIX Institute Impact leader and the regional director for EduSTEM.

Of EduSTEM and their STEMX initiative, he says, “we hope to develop youth leaders from minority backgrounds in a diverse multitude of fields, empowered with the knowledge that STEM can be used for social good in any of their career paths.”

For over 4 years, EduSTEM has offered STEM curriculum in  Port Harcourt, empowering over 900 youths. “These classes have proven extremely beneficial, both academically and personally, by creating a sense in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and providing food and grants to them to buy materials.”

Our host has always been especially interested in “working with children and families. Helping people overcome obstacles and difficulties and making the most of themselves [...] is a very rewarding yet challenging area. I believe that everyone deserves to have a good quality of life and decent work opportunity; I coach, think, mentor, inspire, motivate and love making differences and with a long lasting legacy around the world.”

Our thanks to Mr. Anyanwu Joseph for hosting this event!


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