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Boma Momentum will be held on Jan. 27, 2020, at The Grand Rex in Paris.

Boma Momentum will be held on Jan. 27, 2020, at The Grand Rex in Paris.

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Save the Date: January 27, 2020

Boma Momentum: Join the Movement to Build a New Future

For a long time, the future was a dream. Now it’s a worry. The pace of progress has accelerated and produced two contradictory feelings: a fantasy of absolute power and a fear of possible collapse. Our brains are struggling more and more to cope with simultaneous signals of pleasure and anxiety.

With the incredible speed of technological, social, environmental, economic and political transformations, a new world has emerged — one that's disrupting everything that came before it. In the face of such historic disruption, the time has come to act.

Acting, first and foremost, is about regaining awareness of our influence on the world, and about understanding the mechanisms that push us to resist or surrender to the sirens of emotion, selfishness and instant gratification. Acting means feeding individually and collectively the energy necessary for change. It means resisting the madness of unbridled acceleration, the accumulation of undivided wealth, the unlimited exploitation of our resources, the boundless satisfaction of our whims, and the emergence of unrestrained power. Acting means respecting the fundamental laws of our finite reality.

Above all, acting means healing the fragility of our world on a daily basis.  

This awareness and its resulting commitments are so fundamental that they must be supported by all of us. They require a thorough knowledge of future phenomena — and a clear vision of what room we have left to manoeuver. That's why we created Boma. All around the world, the Boma community explores, identifies and casts a spotlight on those who are committed to our future. It moves the lines, acts on individual and collective scales, and helps each of us do the same. Once a year, we invite you to join us for an evening — citizens, corporations, institutions, governments — to take part in this movement and act on your scale.

We will meet you on January 27, 2020, at the Grand REX at Boma MOMENTUM.

Click here for details and ticket information.

—Lara Stein, Michel Levy Provençal and the Boma community

    • Boma Momentum: January 27, 2020 in Paris


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