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While traditional corporate training delivers the skills for the jobs of today, Boma focuses on facing the challenges of tomorrow.

Why Boma Aims to Disrupt Traditional Corporate Training

We live in a time of radical change and unprecedented complexity.

The tide has turned on climate change; our systems and global supply chains are failing us; the pandemic is forcing a change in priorities and workplace dynamics; whole industries are being wiped out by automation; geopolitical tensions and trade wars threaten global markets... We are at a point of infliction.

CEOs have shifted from record optimism to record pessimism over the past two years, according to PWC's annual survey. Such uncertainty is not only affecting the global economy - it is transforming corporate purpose. Yet, despite its prioritization by boards & investors, less than half of all companies have undertaken any key actions to address global challenges such as these.

Business as usual is no longer a viable option.

Business leaders today are challenged to take advantage of exponential technologies to grow their organizations. They are tasked with motivating and inspiring their teams to lead in times of uncertainty. And today, leaders must balance the needs of owners and shareholders, partners and employees, with responsible and ethical business practices to secure the future for all. The demands on our leaders have never been greater—and their expectations have never been higher. Yet, most corporate training is based on decades-old frameworks and traditional styles of delivery. Just 8% of CEOs see business impact from their current training programs - even less (4%) see ROI.

A new framework of sustainable leadership is needed to navigate complexity and succeed in the face of structural, environmental, economic and technological uncertainty. That is why we created Boma.

Boma is a global network of local partners committed to empowering people and organizations to be more intentional and intelligent about the future. Boma Global provides extraordinary training programs for executives and leaders, based on content and insights from the world’s leading thinkers and doers.

We are disrupting the outdated corporate training model, delivering cutting-edge and constantly evolving curriculum focused on ‘what you need to know’ and ‘who you need to be’ to lead courageously and purposefully through this chaotic time, and into the future. Our holistic and sustainable leadership training empowers people and organizations to navigate disruption, and think differently about the world we have, and the world we want to create. Our ambition is to produce the leaders the world needs: people who combine technical sophistication with the personal courage and integrity to lead us into a better tomorrow.

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