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See Who's Speaking at Boma Momentum in Paris

Boma France is proud to announce its line-up of 15 extraordinary speakers for the Momentum summit in Paris.

The Jan. 27 event will be an open space for dialogue between citizens, companies, politicians, activists, and experts — aimed at launching a new decade of positive action to shape a better future.

To help frame these conversations, we've recruited an eclectic mix of speakers from many different backgrounds and viewpoints. They include:

  • Marc Buckley, UN SDGs advocate
  • Kaila Colbin, co-founder of Boma Global and CEO of Boma New Zealand
  • Coralie Chevallier, cognitive science researcher
  • Pascal Demurger, managing director of MAIF
  • Lara Stein, co-founder and CEO of Boma Global
  • Gad Elmaleh, comedian, actor, director
  • Théo Scubla & Fanny Prigent, CEO and COO of Wero
  • Richard Saul Wurman, creator of the TED conference
  • Brando Crespi, anthropologist and environmentalist
  • Arnaud Deschamps, CEO of Nespresso France
  • Raghava KK, artist
  • Lyes Louffok, author and specialist educator
  • David Walters, author, composer, performer and producer
  • Bolewa Sabourin & William Njaboum, dancers with Loba

Learn more about Boma Momentum and reserve your ticket. If you can't make it to Paris on Jan. 27, you can join one of 70+ viewing parties around the world — or organize your own by emailing [email protected]


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