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Every entity in the Boma ecosystem works towards meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Every entity in the Boma ecosystem works towards meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Profit or Non-Profit? To Accomplish Our Mission at Boma, We Need Both

We founded Boma with a single goal: To empower people around the world to shape a more intentional and intelligent future. In these times of radical change and unprecedented complexity, inspiring people to merely imagine a better future is not enough. We have dedicated Boma to the pursuit of meaningful action and measurable outcomes.

One of the most important questions when we launched was: Which business model would best serve our mission, for-profit or non-profit?

Both have their virtues: a for-profit structure would be more agile, more financially independent. A non-profit allows for more inclusive programming and community outreach. In the end, we rejected the binary choice and created both — a blended ecosystem that engages the highest level of government and corporates while activating community leaders and youth, helping amplify solutions, reduce fragmentation and drive sustainable impact.

Boma Global

Our for-profit arm, Boma Global, provides corporate training programs and events focused on our grand global challenges that weave connectivity between CEOs and a range of allies — government, scientists, entrepreneurs, youth and communities — to create a sustainable and human-centered world. Our corporate leadership programs focus on inclusive and courageous leadership, ethical digital transformation, and planetary well-being.

To ensure that we live up to our own standards, we established Boma Global as a B-Corporation (application pending) with by-laws that are designed to consider the impact of decisions on all stakeholders. This guarantees that Boma Global and our Country Partners remain committed to rigorous standards regarding transparency, environmental consciousness, social responsibility, accountability and impact.

Boma Community Foundation

Our non-profit arm, the Boma Community Foundation, works to bring together the ‘Better Business, Better World’ tribe of scientists, academics, forward-looking politicians, social-impact entrepreneurs, young people and concerned citizens in communities across the globe. Through individual Boma Community Circles, we provide tools and templates to empower and connect people who want to begin their own movements on a local level.

To help spread the learnings and successes of our individual groups around the world, we live up to our non-profit structure by providing open access to all ideas, innovations, knowledge and intellectual property on our Boma Commons — an open learning/sharing platform.

The Right Balance

We believe the future depends on organizations finding a sustainable balance between profit and purpose. We must rethink the concepts of business success as it pertains to a company’s impact on the community and world. Profit should not only refer to the financial aspects of our endeavors. Profit should include the morale, quality of life, inclusive workplace, and the health of workers. It should include the environmental impact. And it should be this “ethical profit” we strive to accumulate and boast about in boardrooms.

To that end, every entity in the Boma ecosystem is committed to positive impact and works towards meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Between both sides of our organization — Boma Global and the Boma Community Foundation — we aim to break down silos and unleash organizations, governments, scientists, entrepreneurs, youth and communities to engage in healthy debate, radical collaboration, and measurable impact to design a sustainable, intelligent future.


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