An image of Earth’s terminator.

An image of Earth’s terminator.

Photo credit: NASA

It Will Take a Global Community to Tackle Global Challenges

The wealth divide is increasing. The planet is warming. Traditional jobs are fast becoming obsolete. From economics and politics to climate and culture, virtually every aspect of our society is being disrupted.

To confront these challenges, a number of initiatives and organizations have been formulated, and some notable progress has been made. The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform has given us a clear picture of the climate crisis and the steps needed to combat it. OpenAI and the Future of Life Institute are working to decrease the impact of automation and pave a path towards robust and beneficial AI. But this progress is not enough. We need something more.

Despite the wealth of information that has been brought forth — despite all the policy-making and knowledge production — for the most part, we have failed to see substantive action. Additionally, many of the stakeholders working on transformative solutions operate in silos.

To date, there has been an insufficient focus on explicit strategy and a lack of synergistic collaboration when it comes to acting on these issues. It’s time to bridge these divides.

Yesterday at the United Nations, Boma joined Novus, XPRIZE, Nexus, Disruptor Award, OpenExO, Twin Global, and the Tribeca Film Festival to create a united front focused on meaningful action, a “Networks of Networks” that helps us move from policy and research to real movement.

The announcement was made at the United Nations’ Novus Summit by Kunal Sood, Rachel Gerrol, Craig Hatkoff, Salim Ismail, Rob Wolcott, Anousheh Ansari, and Lara Stein. Founded by social-impact strategist Kunal Sood, the summit's aim is to support the Sustainable Development Goals by bringing together members of the world's science, technology, and innovation communities to mobilize action and solutions.

At the summit, the group stated that the initial phase of development will be focused on building and solidifying a coalition of stakeholders — a global, collaborative network of communities, non-profits, and other organizations committed to creating a more sustainable world. From there, the networks of networks will “move away from the siloed business as usual to drive a new collaborative structure where member nodes support each other on key issues around sustainability,” said Sood.

Lara Stein, Founder and CEO of Boma, added that this kind of collaboration is a necessary part of securing lasting action. “We are joining forces to work towards a world where 10 billion people can live peacefully and sustainably. Building this future is going to take a new kind of openness, collaboration, and leadership. It is going to take us jointly identifying the best systems to drive change, and it will demand ethical and courageous leadership to implement this change. Boma is looking forward to being part of this Network of Networks,” she said.

Ultimately, the goal of the work is to develop collaborative, open solutions that include stakeholders from all sectors of industry and society. From there, the network will focus on scaling the solutions around the globe. “We are excited to build an exponential, open, innovation platform,” stated Ismail, Founder of OpenExO.

We are looking for other collaborators and would love for you to join us on this journey. Head to this page to learn more.


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