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Attendees at the Boma Momentum viewing party at the International Faculty of Engineering at the Lodz University for Technology.

Attendees at the Boma Momentum viewing party at the International Faculty of Engineering at the Lodz University for Technology.

Boma Momentum Viewing Parties Around the Globe

Live from Lodz: Boma Momentum in Poland

People all around the world joined us for Boma Momentum through viewing parties on January 27th. To continue to showcase our global community, we'll be highlighting a few of these events here on the site.

Lodz, Poland

Poland was one of thirty countries to host Boma Momentum viewing parties, most of which took place at educational institutions around the country. Many of the events were held in Warsaw, however in Lodz, the International Faculty of Engineering at the Lodz University for Technology organised a major get together for the occasion.

We asked Dorota Piotrowska, the Director of the School's International Cooperation Centre why Boma Momentum is such a good fit for the school and the city.

Why this interest in Boma?

Dorota Piotrowska: We have joined the Boma Poland community for a number of reasons, although in reality they boil down to one simple one - you are focused on building a better future in a time of great uncertainty. That is a job worth doing, and a challenge worth accepting.

What are some of the main things you tell people about your city when they ask?

DP: Lodz (Łódź) is Poland’s third-largest city, with a long and proud history of industrial development, technological innovation and creative excellence. Historically, the city was famous across Europe for its textile industry (that rivalled Manchester’s reputation in its day), it is also home to a much loved film school (where Wajda, Kieślowski or Polanski, among others, learned their skills and developed their mastery of the medium) and has a long tradition of design leadership.

Lodz is undergoing something of a renaissance now, after quite some time of being on the sidelines, isn't it?

DP: After being neglected for several decades, in the past thirty years the city has been rebuilding with energy and enthusiasm. The University of Technology plays an important part in this revival, and we see community building as vital in that respect, in both a local and an international sense. Especially here at the International Faculty of Engineering where our motto is "Applied Knowledge" and our approach puts equal weight on 'learning" and "doing." In this context, Boma's focus on impact and action is very familiar territory to us. Of the ideas and solutions presented at Boma Momentum, we are particularly interested in seeing proposals related to infrastructure, supply chains and public space. In 2024 the City of Lodz will be hosting an horticultural EXPO – an event which, we trust, will have a positive, holistic influence on all of those areas for both the city and its citizens. Shifting our economies towards being more sustainably-oriented is now a vital priority for all cities and regions.

You have an MBA from a French University, and this reflects the focus of the School in a way, doesn't it?

DP: Yes, Lodz is known as city of four founding cultures: Polish, Russian, German and Jewish. We see the power of cultural exchange and growth through different people living and working together as a natural part of our  environment and we have longstanding links with France and French educational institutions. In fact, the Honorary Consulate of France in Lodz has long been a supporter of this idea of mixing cultures, so the Boma Momentum event in Paris is an especially exciting opportunity to bring both people and cultures together. The International Faculty of Engineering is an unusual engineering school in Poland, in that the instruction languages are English and French. We are big on building close, personal links on many levels.

Sustainability is a central focus for all of Boma's activities so there is a close fit, right?

DP: As an engineering school we have a clear mandate to prepare our graduates for a life in a future which is not going to look anything like the past, but where one things is certain – we have to build systems and industries that are circular rather than linear, and most importantly, that are sustainable. We are therefore excited to see how our involvement with the international Boma community may lead to impactful, positive outcomes for our students and our broader community.

We look forward to hearing more from Boma Poland and wish to thank Dorota Piotrowska and the organizers in Lodz for hosting a Momentum viewing party.


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