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Help Crowdsource Solutions to Address Covid-19

Last week we had over 200,000 people from over 40 countries join our global summit on COVID-19. 

The resounding takeaway is that we all want to take action.

To facilitate that outpouring of motivation, we are crowdsourcing solutions to address the issues related to COVID-19. These range from advancing science and technology, to mental health and stress relief, to community building and more. 

You can access them all through this free, global database of actions.

Here are some actions you can take on a global level:

If you have a solution you would like to contribute, please share it here

Our intention is to continue to help foster these global conversations, and source the best solutions to share across our network. It is going to take all of us, experts, scientists, innovators, government and citizens coming together in radical new ways, across borders, cultures and communities. Viruses don't respect borders. In order to defeat this pandemic, we need to come together and find both global and local solutions.

Thank you for joining us in taking action to shape a better future.


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