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Boma China will be co-presenting Hainan International Culture & Creativity Week as Exclusive Global Partner

Hainan International Culture & Creativity Week

Boma will be co-presenting Hainan International Culture & Creativity Week as their "Exclusive Global Partner", at Sanya, China, from Oct 14th to Oct 20th, 2021.

Sometimes referred to as China’s Hawaii, for its beautiful beaches, clear water and coral reefs, Hainan is a little piece of paradise at the southernmost China. Last year, a large-scale plan was announced by the Chinese central government to transform the entire island province into a free trade port (FTP), the first one since China was founded, with the aim of turning it into the largest special economic zone in China.

Hainan International Culture & Creativity Week is the biggest pan-culture and creative industry gathering of the year in China, with more than 300 industry leaders and top experts as speakers, joined by over 3000 audience members consisting of local government officers, real estate developers, financial investors, product creators and operators and media, etc. The theme this year is “Resonance Symbiosis”, jointly hosted by Tsinghua University Institute of Culture and Creative Development, Boao Culture and Creative Institute, Sanya Tourism and Culture Group, SMART Platform.

During the week, Boma China team will co-launch FACTE*, a new think-tank and do-tank, with mission of creating Methodology for advancement of People, Planet, Profit and Purpose. FACTE* stands for Finance, Art, Culture, Technology and Earth, and will be launched as a conference first on the 2nd and 3rd day of the Week.

FACTE* was born in a critical moment of our times, a powerful awakening call over this past 20 months. To make us think more mindfully, we must review and reconsider the way we behave, live and consume. What could be a strong multi-stakeholder ecosystem we can co-create?

To solve the large, current issues of our world, we need to stand at a higher level, connect different roles from different industries, and focus on system changes. We have selected five areas that we believe are vital to the future of mankind, and through a new form of experiment, bringing systems, people, intentions and ideas together in a way that benefits each other:

  • Finance that empowers
  • Arts that echo the voices of humanity
  • Culture that celebrates our lives
  • Technologies that embody inclusivity
  • Earth our home, our neighbors.

The theme of FACTE* [email protected] is "Fast Forward 2030", meaning if we can fast forward to 2030, what kind of thinking, visions, projects, and actions will be decisive for the next decade? 2030 is also the last year of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In this year, we will eradicate
poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that everyone can enjoy peace and prosperity.

FACTE* will invite around 30 speakers and performers from 5 fields of Finance, Art, Culture, Technologies and Earth across more than 10 countries and regions around the world, celebrating their own expertise while inspiring other fields, to shape the new modes of thinking and action towards the

The full list of FACTE* speakers have been announced here.

If you are interested in learning more about Hainan International Culture & Creativity Week, please follow the official WeChat Miniprogram:


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