Momentum Viewing Party in Curitiba

Momentum Viewing Party in Curitiba

Boma Momentum Viewing Parties Around the Globe

Educators and Innovators Host Boma Momentum Viewing Parties

People around the world will be joining us for Boma Momentum through viewing parties. These parties — large and small — will livestream the event on January 27th at 7pm (UTC+1). To showcase our global community, we'll be highlighting a few of these events here on the site.

Curitiba, Brazil

The viewing party for Boma Momentum in Curitiba will be co-hosted by Bygge an innovative design studio and Agência Curitiba, a government agency dedicated to promoting innovation in their city.

Their event held at Vale de Pinhão is open to the public and will pull together local innovators from a number of different areas of expertise. Especially from the Vale de Pinhão Program, which is a movement promoting and connecting an ecosystem of local innovators.

Along with their work in human-centric design, Bygge also runs “an education program to develop new protagonists for the digital economy, aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda”. They also host “design sprints for social innovation”.

One of their recent design sprints focused on developing social innovation solutions for a neighbourhood called Rebouças, which is an old industrial area that had been abandoned by the city in the 1970s. Eduardo V. C. Neves of Bygge says that “The sprint was amazing and we had more than 30 people from several places including Agência Curitiba thinking together to build solutions. We gathered amazing ideas but the lack of execution kept them as ... ideas only. We hope that being part of the Boma community, we can have partners and network members able to push those things to action and create real positive impact for our city.”

Our thanks to the people at Bygge and Agência Curitiba for hosting this Boma Momentum Viewing Party! 

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Professor Theo Edmonds, Director for the Center for Creative Placehealing, will host a viewing part in Louisville, KY. There, a “select group of university students and faculty, along with a small group of local leaders in arts, science, wellbeing and social innovation” will come together and use “the viewing party to kick off our group discussions of what we want Boma Kentucky/Boma Louisville to become.”

The Center’s work focuses on establishing cultural wellbeing, which requires the development of “ethical leaders, effective storytellers and creative problem solvers who have the tools (science, data, social/economic/cultural capital) and know-how (creativity, curiosity, inclusion, citizenship, commerce) to constructively navigate the tensions present in a world of diverse stakeholders and competing value systems. The Center for Creative Placehealing (CCP) helps scientific and business communities work together to spark joy, economic growth and cultural wellbeing.”

On the successes of the Center, Professor Edmonds says that they have “recently completed a validation study with a National Science Foundation-sponsored research center on the Cultural Wellbeing Index – which measures hope, trust and belonging in a corporation workforce and then uses those metrics to predict talent engagement, retention, health, and ultimately, the ability of the organization to innovate in the marketplace.” 

Their work seeks to address the disconnect in the USA between workers and their workplace. A Deloitte survey found that 61% of employees report hiding or downplaying their individuality at work, and that that number increases among marginalized groups. 

According to Professor Edmonds “the workplace is a micro-community which reflects greater societal paradigms, the idea of “cultural wellbeing” in the workplace is an interesting new area to consider for collaboration between businesses and public health researchers. Cultural wellbeing comes from being valued for the differences that define us.”

Our thanks to the Center for Creative Placehealing and Professor Edmonds for hosting this event!

Sofia, Bulgaria 

Professor Dessislava Boshnakova will be hosting her viewing party in the beautiful city of Sofia. She’s an educator in the fields of education and communication, working at the New Bulgarian University.

She’s decided to join us for Momentum for an important reason: “First because I firmly believe in communication. Good ideas and great examples have to be spread so people get inspiration to make change happen.”

This is not the first time she’s organized events with this purpose, as she was an organizer for TEDxSofia. 

Her event is open to the public, so if you happen to be in Sofia you can join her at Networking Premium (bul. "Hristo Botev" 82, 1303 Sofia Center, Sofia) a local co-working space. Information about the event can be found here.

Our thanks to Professor Boshnakova for hosting this event!


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