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Tinashe Kitchen on the Role and Impact of Artificial Intelligence during a Global Crisis

Commentary Article on Boma Covid-19 Summit

Tinashe Kitchen, a Doctoral Student from Africa University in Zimbabwe, has submitted a commentary piece in response to Boma Covid-10 Summit. We are thrilled to share Tinashe's insightful commentary with the Boma Community.

Find the link to the article below:

Assessing the Role and Impact of Artificial Intelligence during Global Crisis


Due to its ubiquity and relatively minimal regulatory oversight, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in the dissemination of information. Though this is a crucial function and by-product of technological advancement that has the ability to save lives and communicate crucial information, it also represents a challenge as managers of AI, driven by profit and ulterior motives, can influence social behaviour towards desired decision-making patterns. This paper, based on presentations given at the Boma COVID-19 Summit and the held in March 2020, will discuss the impacts of artificial intelligence and its capacity to spread information and misinformation during a global crisis. It shall be the objective of this paper to demonstrate the ability of AI to exploit cognitive biases which can increase levels of polarization, racism, and also influence rates of response to global pandemics. The paper will also focus on Africa and the challenges faced in ensuring that people are given accurate and timeous information in a region that still faces challenges in connectivity.

Key Words

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Artificial Intelligence, Misinformation, Africa


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