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Boma Momentum viewing party at the Yard Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand

Boma Momentum viewing party at the Yard Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand

Boma Momentum Viewing Parties Around the Globe

Bringing a Thai Philosophy to Boma Momentum

People all around the world joined us for Boma Momentum through viewing parties on January 27th. To continue to showcase our global community, we'd like to introduce and highlight Boma Bangkok and the Momentum event they held in their city.

Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Sirikul Nui Laukaikul hosted Boma Bangkok’s first event, their Momentum viewing party, with the support of the PorLaewDee Group at the Yard Hostel. Along with being the Group's founder, Dr. Laukaikul is a brand consultant who focuses on sustainability. Every year she and other professionals in the community volunteer to teach a free 3-month professional development program for businesses that want to become more sustainable.

“I believe in the power of small people and community so I want to see more brands create sustainable growth for all,” Laukaikul says.

"PorLaewDee" is a Thai phrase meaning “enough is good”, and refers to the late Thai King Bhumibol’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP). Laukaikul describes the essence of SEP as “the principle of moderation. To be able to share good things with others, one must control ones’ greed, learn to find the point of moderation, learn to develop oneself to be good enough and then develop others.”

The PorLaewDee Group helps to develop young entrepreneurs with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

The Yard Hostel, where the viewing party was held, is an ecologically conscious business owned by a member of the Group. Built from recycled shipping containers, sustainable practices reside in the bones of the hostel's model. Yet another member of the PorLaewDee Group is the proprietor of HOM Hostel which specializes in connecting guests to the local food culture.

Why did Dr. Laukaikul decide to begin her Boma? “Because I think Boma could be a platform for us to collaborate, extend and expand the social impact of PorLaewDee," she says. "The good news is after viewing, we sat down and discussed what we should do and we see opportunity to join hands among others in the PorLaewDee community to create projects on sustainable foods and sustainable fashion. So please stay tuned.”

We look forward to hearing more from Boma Bangkok and wish to thank Dr. Laukaikul and everyone who helped her for hosting a Momentum viewing party.

  • A group of people talking together during Boma Momentum
    Photo Credit: Boma Bangkok
  • A group of people watching Boma Momentum on a large screen outside.
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