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Boma France's MOMENTUM

Boma France's MOMENTUM

Let 2021 be the year that we reshape our shared future

Boma Looks Back on 2020 and Towards the Year Ahead

This year has been unprecedented in so many ways that for the first time ever, even The Oxford Dictionary could not settle on one word to encapsulate it.

2020 has proven to be a hugely challenging year. Homes and species were lost to record-setting wildfires in California and Australia. Police brutality and racial injustice reared its ugly head. The migrant crisis in Europe turned deadly. Continued lockdown measures are having major physiological and economic implications for individuals and businesses. And of course, on top of all of this: over 1 million lives have been lost to coronavirus globally.

Yet, with crisis, tragedy and instability comes hope, determination and compassion. Digital innovations are making healthcare and education more accessible. Institutions and corporations are more proactively integrating diversity and inclusion practices. Scientists have made major breakthroughs in cancer treatment and anti-aging interventions. The United States has made history - electing the first woman and woman of color as Vice President. And now, three extremely promising COVID-19 vaccines have sparked a light at the end of an eerily dark tunnel.

Today, more than ever, the world needs strong, courageous leaders.

As we look towards the start of a fresh new year, we must meet the challenges of this decade with collaborative solutions, positive momentum and future-minded action. We must continue to work towards making our planet healthier; our economies more equitable; our healthcare systems and supply chains more resilient; our institutions more just; and our support networks more expansive.

2020 taught us how interconnected we all are. It exposed, and often amplified, existing cracks and inequalities in our society, revealing our vulnerability, our fallibility, and our lack of sustainability. We can no longer make decisions that benefit us today at the expense of tomorrow. 2021 can be the year that we reshape our priorities for the benefit of our shared future. It's a year of possibility, innovation and promise.

2021, like every year, will be filled with both opportunities and challenges.

As with many businesses, Boma has majorly pivoted as a result of the pandemic. As events and in-person training were at the core of our original model, we have had to reimagine how Boma can provide value to our community and thrive in this new digital environment. We determined that despite the mayhem of COVID-19, one of the most important needs of this moment is courageous leadership and high-quality leadership training. We also determined that one of our best advantages was our collective network’s access to a global community of experts and thought leaders. As a result, our new strategy focuses on online, facilitator-led training using expert-based curriculum.

Our courses focus on ‘what you need to know’ and ‘who you need to be’ to lead courageously and responsibly through this chaotic time and into the future. Boma delivers a new approach to leadership development. One that combines cutting-edge curriculum and fresh methodology, with the profound and meaningful learning experiences necessary for transformative leadership.

Highlights from 2020

From a global summit at the Grand REX theatre in Paris pre-COVID, to around-the-world virtual summits post-COVID, I am proud to share the incredible feats of our global Boma ecosystem.

We are inspired everyday by the strength, determination and most importantly, commitment to make this world better, that is illustrated by our Country Partners and Community Members around the world. We are so excited to see what our network will accomplish in 2021, and are thankful to everyone who has supported us along the way. Together, we will shape a more intentional and intelligent future for us all.


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