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We are proud to be listed on Clique's list of Inspiring Impact Tech Ecosystems across the globe.

Boma Global is in Top 10 Inspiring Impact Tech Ecosystems

Boma has been listed as one of the top 10 organizations who have made a significant contribution in leading others through this time of crisis with innovation, creativity and courage!

We live in a time of radical change and unprecedented complexity. Whether it's a life-threatening pandemic or climate change, many communities, companies, and organizations around the world are simply not equipped to navigate the profound uncertainties and speed of change we face.

The demands on our leaders have never been greater—and their expectations have never been higher. Yet, most corporate training is based on decades-old frameworks and traditional styles of delivery. The current methods of helping people prepare for the future are designed to deliver the status quo — but the status quo is ineffective and obsolete. A new framework of sustainable leadership is needed to navigate complexity and succeed in the face of structural, economic and technological uncertainty. That is why we created Boma.

Boma is a global network of local partners committed to empowering people and organizations to be more intentional and intelligent about the future. Our global network provides extraordinary training programs for executives and leaders, based on content and insights from the world’s leading thinkers and doers.

In our two years of operation, we have made significant strides in our mission to create new playing fields in the leadership development space. We have nine Country Partners on board, and are expanding our global footprint rapidly. Our ambition is to produce the leaders the world needs: people who combine technical sophistication with the personal courage and integrity to lead us into a better future.

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