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A map of Boma Momentum's global viewing parties

A map of Boma Momentum's global viewing parties

Happy anniversary to our Community of changemakers

Boma Circles Launched One Year Ago Today

A year ago today, we formally launched the Boma Community at Momentum in Paris, for 3000+ people in attendance and 100+ viewing parties around the world.

Boma Momentum brought together 15 international speakers, across different stakeholders to discuss credible and forward-looking solutions to social, geopolitical, environmental and technological disruption. The summit’s programme focused on empathy, on healing our climate, and on reconciling the divides in our global society.

Our founding Boma Community members hosted a viewing party around Momentum to kick-off their commitment to sustainable action and ethical innovation.

Momentum launched an open-source and collaborative community all across the world - from China and Australia, to Nigeria and America - that works together to elevate individuals, groups, and organizations taking local and global action towards a sustainable future. The Boma Community pursues innovative ideas and action plans to solve local challenges - while collaborating with the Boma network to find solutions to our global challenges.

As in-person gatherings were to be the core of Boma Circles, it has been a very challenging year for our partners to continue their operations. Because we cannot be physically together at this time, we have made three suggestions for ways you can continue to create dialogue, local innovation and action from the safety of your home:

  1. mobilize your community to act on a gender equality issue in your region. COVID-19 has had devastating impacts on women and girls around the world. Commit to an action that empowers women by tagging #bomawomen on social media. We will share your pledges across our global network.
  2. host a virtual Boma Circle. Boma Virtual Circles provides a platform for people across our global and decentralized network to meet virtually to discuss and debate topics related to our shared future. They will be hosted on a zoom webinar in a fishbowl format - where a moderator will guide an informal discussion, and attendees are encouraged to jump in to share their thoughts. Please fill out this form to get involved as a host or attendee.
  3. host a viewing party of E Tipu 2021. Etipu is Boma New Zealand's second iteration of the Boma Grow Summit. It will bring people together across the entire food and fibre sector to discuss how the industry can become more innovative, sustainable and collaborative. Contact [email protected] for details on how to host a viewing party in May.

Boma Circles was envisioned as a space to host deeply local and global conversations, and to empower people and communities to take meaningful action in times of uncertainty and rapid change. The global pandemic has taught us the importance of coming together as a global community - sharing in our experiences, ideas and solutions.

Interesting in starting a Boma Circle?

Our ongoing goal for Boma Circles is to foster a global community of change-makers, who break down silos, build bridges, identify local innovation and are committed to creating a more sustainable and socially responsible world. If you want to mobilize your community to act around a particular issue in your region, join us by creating a Boma Circle. You can sign up here and we'll work with you to provide the resources needed to execute your own Boma. Start your Boma Circle today, and begin taking local and global action towards a more ethical, sustainable, and human-centred future.


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